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Note To Self (Digisleeve)


VP26592 2020-03-13


Überragendes, neues Album der Empress aus Jamaika!

Inspiriert von den Künstlerinnen Nina Simone und Erykah Badu, und mit den Vibes der Dub Poetry und den Rasta Roots des Reggae, präsentiert Jah9 ihren dritten Longplayer. In diesem Kontext entführt die Künstlerin auf eine Reise, behandelt essentielle Themen der Menschen (u.a. Körperlichkeit, Spiritualität, Verbundenheit zur Natur) und erhält stimmliche Unterstützung von Chronixx und Tarrus Riley, zwei Schwergewichte der jamaikanischen Reggae-Szene, und dem UK-Rapper und MOBO-Award Gewinner Akala. Entstanden ist “Note To Self” in einer Gemeinschaftsproduktion von Janine Cunningham, wie Jah9 bürgerlich heißt, und dem Veteranen unter den noch lebenden jamaikanischen Produzenten Clive Hunt, aka Azul (u.a. verantwortlich für den Roots Classic “Satta Massagana”). Jeremy Harding und die neue Generation junger Produzenten wie die Runkus & ZincFence Posse oder das Brecht “Puraman” De Beover Team, leisteten starke Beiträge. Am Mischpult saßen u.a. Errol Brown & Shane Brown, Hasani “Snysh” Williams, James “Bonzai” Caruso und Alborosie.

“Jah9 glides gracefully form bar to bar in a singsong flow” – Rolling Stone
“Jah9 is inspired by the fearless truth-telling of Nina Simone and projects the ethereal aura of early Erykah Badu” – Billboard

PROMO KIT inkl. Biographie, Pressfotos und mehr ist hier:


Jah9 returns with third full-length album entitled “Note To Self”!

The new longplayer for the stunning empress is a must-have and features appearances from top reggae performers Chronixx, Tarrus Riley, Pressure Busspipe plus british rapper Akala, the former winner as Best Hip Hop Act at the MOBO Awards.

Jah9 (born as Janine Cunningham) is on a mission to heal, nourish, and grow through her powers as a woman and an artist. She is one of the reggae’s most dynamic voices, the artist whose strong, insightful lyrics blend elements of dub poet Mutabaruka, Tracey Chapman and early Erykah Badu. The songs create a narrative of Jah9’s journey from self-awareness to accountability, with atmospheric textures and exciting melodies, propelled by reggae riddims and conscious lyrics. Her quest to encourage and share the gifts of spiritual awakening sets the tone for the project. Deeply mystical, Jah9 has emerged from a chrysalis of poetry, dub and spirit to become a powerful femiNINE energy within a universal grassroots movement of consciousness. Inspired by the open spaces in the instrumental dub of 1970’s Jamaican roots music, Jah9 sings with a voice that belies the dimensions of her physical body, from a soul much older than its current vessel, “reminiscent of that darkly operatic wailer for truth & justice, Nina Simone.”

Produced by Janine Cunningham (aka Jah9), Clive “Azul” Hunt, plus Jeremy Harding, Runkus & the ZincFence Posse and the Brecht “Puraman” De Beover team. Mixed by various engineers including Errol Brown & Shane Brown, Hasani “Snysh” Williams, James “Bonzai” Caruso, Alborosie. Recorded mainly at Big Yard, Sunpower, Mixing Lab and Last Ark.

CD Digisleeve with 24- page booklet including the lyrics
LP Black vinyl in a standard jacket with printed inner sleeve incl. lyrics

The album, both CD and LP, are stickered with following application text: Jah9 “Note To Self” featuring “Heaven” (Ready Fi Di Feeling), “Ma’at” (Each Man), “Note To Self” (Okay) feat. Chronixx

Black Ark Players / Various
Black Ark In Dub / Black Ark Vol.2 (2CD-Set)


VP2703 2020-05-08


Die essentielle Exkursion in das Black Ark Universum des Lee Perry Ende der ’70er Jahre!

Zwei gesuchte Alben, “Black Ark In Dub” und der Nachfolger “Black Ark Vol.2”, die erstmalig 1980 und 1981 erschienen, werden am 08. Mai als Doppel-CD mit großartigen Images / Original-Graffiti vom legendärem Black Ark Studio wiederveröffentlicht. 19 Tracks von den Black Ark Players (aka The Upsetters) eingespielt und von Lee Perry abgemischt, top-a-top remastered.

In den Linernotes beschreibt die Koryphäe David Katz die Entstehung dieser denkwürdigen Gemeinschaftsproduktion von Lee “Scratch” Perry und Pauline “Aisha” Morrison, seiner langjährigen Lebensabschnittspartnerin, bevor das Studio 1979 niederbrannte und sich ihre Wege trennten. Beide Longplayer werden parallel auch als LP-Vinyl erscheinen.


“Black Ark In Dub” is another piece of Lee “Scratch” Perry’s limitless musical puzzle. 

Originally released in 1980 as 10-track album the hard to find “Black Ark In Dub” remains a frozen sonic timepiece, captured at the beginning of the end of one era and poised at the start of another. This re-mastered 2CD release adds Lackley Castell “Jah Love Is Sweeter” (vocal cut to the opening track “Jah”) plus a bedrock of deep rhythms recorded at the Black Ark studio just before its demise, including bass heavy and spooky dub deconstructions of “Ethiopia”, “Lion A De Winner”, “Open The Gate”, “Guideline” and “Mr Money Man”, along with an embellished dub version of Ras Keatus “I Dreadlocks I” and the much sought after “Guidance”, a longime Jah Shaka killer exclusive to this set. The second disc is “Black Ark Vol. 2”, the follow up album to the acclaimed “Black Ark In Dub” that unsurprisingly for an Upsetter release took a different path. More vocal oriented the album features extended dubwise cuts of “Ethiopia” by Carol Cole (aka Aisha Morrision), Junior Byles’ “Mumbling & Grumbling” and The Inamans “How Deep Is your Love”, along with The Originals “Got To Be Irie”, and an alternate take of the Silvertones roots classic “Give Thanks” with flute overdub and a couple of solid covers from Third World lead vocalist Bunny Rugs. This set is a crucial release for the fans of Lee Perry’s Black Ark universe with the musicians of the Black Ark Players (aka The Upsetters) and all the real aficionados of Dub Reggae out there. It will be released in a 6-panel digipak with additional 12-page booklet including linernotes by David Katz.

Tracklisting (including playtime per track) 
 1. Black Ark Players – Jah 3:58
 2. Black Ark Players – Cool Rockers 5:49
 3. Black Ark Players – Lion 3:45
 4. Black Ark Players – Rasta Man 3:57
 5. Black Ark Players – Camp 5:02
 6. Black Ark Players – Loving 4:33
 7. Black Ark Players – Money 4:26
 8. Black Ark Players – In The Valley 3:15
 9. Black Ark Players – Dreadlocks 5:54
 10. Black Ark Players – Guidance 5:30
 1. Carole Cole – Ethiopia 5:11
 2. The Silvertones – Give Praises 2:56
 3. The Inamans – How Deep Is Your Love 5:06
 4. Lacksley Castell – Jah Love Is Sweeter 3:27 
 5. Bunny Rugs – Let Love Touch Us Now 2:50
 6. Bunny Rugs – I Am…I Said 3:42
 7. The Originals – Got To Be Irie 1:59
 8. The Upsetters – Double Wine 2:59
 9. Junior Byles – Mumbling and Grumbling 5:52


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Ahmed Ben Ali
Sibhana (12''+MP3)


HABIBI012 2020-03-13


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“Reggae music from Libya, recorded in 2008. Released for the first time officially after collecting millions of plays on youtube“

Ahmed Ben Ali was born in 1971 in Benghazi. He went to boarding to school in Canada for 8 years, and returned to Libya. For a couple of years he also worked in the UK. Music was never his main job but his “main hobby” as Ahmed says. Hhe recorded maybe 40 tracks and released two more albums. He also started playing gigs in Libya with his own band. In 2008 a friend of his decided to set up a youtube account for him by starting with two uploaded tracks. The account remained untouched since 11 years. At some points two of the tracks from this account started gaining traction. “Sibhana”, the infectious Libyan reggae, which you can also hear on this release and “Damek Majeb”, the second track on this 12 inch which is leaning more towards a clubby Arabic pop feel.

Ahmed Ben Ali works as a technical engineer and records music in his own home studio. There he operates as his own sound technician and his own producer recording the music plus writing the lyrics. A one man musical army. Contextualizing his own style Ben Ali pointed out that “The Libyan folkloric rhythm is very similar to the reggae rhythm. So if Libyan people listen to reggae it’s easy for them to relate because it sounds familiar. This is the main reason why reggae became so popular here. […]We played the reggae Libyan style, it’s not the same as in Jamaica. We added our oriental notes to it and if you mix both it becomes something great.” With a bit of laughter he added: “And to me it’s still original reggae, it’s Libyan style, not some bullshit.”The revolution and overthrow of the Gaddafi regime certainly affected the musical scene. Ahmed Ben Ali said the events didn’t really change his music or the approach he had to it but it also didn’t change the Libyan’s people affection for their own version of reggae music.

What changed in the aftermath of the revolution was the influx of islamic fundamentalists, political instability and security issues which made the life of Libyans generally complicated but even more so for musicians as they were one of the prime targets for the islamists. On top the security situation minimized concert opportunities, which previously existed. For Ahmed Ben Ali it meant putting more focus on his day job again yet another big musical opportunity was going to arise for him.

The vinyl version comes with a four page booklet and a DLL code

 1. Sibhana
 2. Damek Majeb
 3. Sibhana (Instrumental)
 4. Damek Majeb (Instrumental)

Suff Daddy


JAKARTA147-1 2020-02-28


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Berlin based beatmaker Suff Daddy returns with a brand new longplayer called “Pompette” featuring appearances from i.e. Illa J, Guilty Simpson, Torky Tork, S. Fidelity, his Lunchbirds and many more.

Just like his AKA as “DJ Midlifecrises”, Suff Daddy’ s sound is constantly evolving and mirroring not only the current status of him as an artist, but also as a person – in life and in general. The new album “Pompette” has become a bigger party than usual with more features from friends and fellows, as tempo has increased a little bit more, than what is usually to be expected in classic Suff Daddy tracks. 
 The 1st single “Lamborarri” makes that pretty clear: a laid-back synth-driven instrumental tune bringing together lo-fi beats and uplifting R’n’B – perfectly setting up the vibe and mood for the album as a whole! The song will also be accompanied by a music video giving a little insight on how to party – Suff Style of course.

Further singles off the album will be released with short visual treatments by Robert Winter and the Low Bros reflecting the 
 one of a kind artwork as well.

Suff Daddy has been around for quite a while now – after extending his stomping grounds to neighboring European countries by frequently playing international shows (inclu a London Boiler Room & opening for Anderson .Paak) whilst releasing several projects (including latest Fat Beats Baker’s Dozen LP & his Remix Boy EP) over the past decade, touring 
 the world (either with his Lunchbirds or with befriended producer Apollo Brown / Mello Music Group) or as 1/3 of his super group Betty Ford Boys (w/ Brenk Sinatra & Dexter), delivering plenty of remixes for i.e. Mayer Hawthorne, Lion Babe, Miles Bonny, Elhzi, Phat Kat, and more and running his very own weekly party “BeatGeeks” in Berlin for more almost ten years now – Suff Daddy finally adds the brand new LP called “Pompette” (French for tipsy) to his Oeuvre.

The very flashy and colorful artwork as well as the whole visual conception of the record comes from Suffys’ closes friend and long-time collaborator Robert Winter (Illa J, Megaloh, Hi-Hat Club, etc.) and Berlin/Hamburg based Street Art Duo Low Bros.

The Leonard Simpson Duo


JAKARTA151-1 2020-01-31


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Legendary Detroit MC Guilty Simpson & New Zealand producer Leonard Charles team up as The Leonard Simpson Duo and provide a one of a kind 70’s inspired, psychedelic & acid influenced Album.

The psychedelic sound of this album is heavily drawn from rare acid influenced records from New Zealand’s 60’s and 70’s, carefully selected, picked and sampled by musical multi-talent Charles himself and accompanied by very well placed instrumentals and interludes taking direction from late 60’s jazz/rock fusion, fuzzed out African records and compulsory David Axelrod leanings. All of that combined with the lyrics and the beloved attitude of Motor City’s finest makes this album a beautiful, inspirational and surpassing Trip.

Active since the mid ‘90’s Guilty Simpson (100k monthly listeners on spotify) has become an institution and earned his spot in Detroit’s hip-hop legacy alongside friends, fellows and colleagues such as J Dilla, Slum Village, Eminem, D12, Danny Brown, Big Sean, Phat Kat or Black Milk and receives nothing but love and respect from the hardest street emcees as well as from acclaimed producers wherever he goes. Over the last decade Guilty continued the name he made for himself since his 2008 debut “Ode To The Ghetto” (produced by i.e. Dilla, Madlib and others) and has delivered plenty of features, mixtapes and studio albums ever since.

Leonard Charles has been a music producer since 2001. In his late teens he already played and toured with i.e. Randy Crawford. Charles attended the Red Bull Music Academy in South Africa in 2003 where he performed i.e. with Hugh Masekela and attended lectures with synth pioneer Bob Moog. He has won New Zealand Music Awards for his production and composing work with the Band Opensouls (previously released on Jakarta Records) and singer Hollie Smith. As a session guitarist Jeremy has played on recordings for i.e. Aaradhna, Teeks, David Dallas and many more while as a producer he has worked with i.e. Grandmaster Caz, Kimbra, Mara T.K., Georgia Anne Muldrow, Declaime and others.

The Duo met for the 1st time when Guilty came through Charles’ hometown Auckland, NZ, on tour in 2016. Charles reached out to Guilty and the two connected immediately, started working together and what was initially planned as an EP soon turned out to become a full-length album with late 70ies inspired psychedelic and acid influenced beats by Leonard and Simpson’s distinctive and uncompromising lyrics.

Artwork and design for this record were contributed by conceptual mastermind Simone Cihlar (Anderson .Paak, Seeed, Habibi Funk, Tom Misch and many more.)

The record will feature at least three singles accompanied by two videos, being released in January 2020. International promotion for this project will be handled by Jonathan Kim, while additional promotion for AUS/NZ will be accompanied by Josie Campbell.

Testiculo Y Uno (Twit One & Hulk Hodn)


MPM279LP 2020-01-31


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Testiculo Y Uno are Hulk Hodn and Twit One, two producers from Cologne, Germany. In 2009 they produced the first volume of the ground-breaking Hi-Hat Club series that kicked off the careers of beatmakers like Suff Daddy, Dexter and Brenk Sinatra. 10 years later Hulk Hodn and Twit One have recorded a second Testiculo Y Uno album called “Two”. The LP comes in a special punch-cover with printed inner sleeve.